Sometimes a client will come to us because they're feeling a bit stuck. They might have an established business, nice branding, and a website that's performing pretty well, but they feel like the heart-and-soul of their business isn't quite shining through. Or maybe they just have a big idea and aren't exactly sure how to get it off the ground. Sound familiar? 

When it comes to our brand storytelling and consulting services, we like to think of ourselves as equal parts Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side, Marie Kondo, and JK Rowling. We think big, while nailing down the specifics that will make your brand's story memorable and resonate with others. Through our work together, we'll help realign, reorganise and reenergise so your business can better reach your dream demographics and you feel excited about sharing your work with others again. 

Like everything we do, our brand storytelling and consulting services are 100% bespoke. For some clients, our work together is finished after a few days while, with others, we'll work together over the course of many months. If you feel that you need help creating and sharing your brand's story, the best way to start is by telling us what you think your story is and how you think we can help. 



Here's what our clients say about our brand storytelling

“bgsd helped us work out what our brand wanted to say, as well as how to say it.We are really happy with the results which look professional and feel ‘just right’ for the sort of people and sort of company we are.”

– Thomas Chippendale, Tech Ahoy!