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– bgsd absolutely got what I was about, and what I wanted to say and I was delighted with all the ideas they proposed. I was so impressed with how they absolutely heard and got me. There is nothing I haven't been able to turn to them for. When someone does what they say they will do as well as this it is brilliant. –


Lizzie Bentley-Bowers, the power-house coach behind The Causeway, works with whip-smart executives across a range of industries and needed a brand identity and website that would showcase her colourful personality whilst sharing her ethos and expertise. 


Being a coach, Lizzie is much more comfortable anonymously working behind the scenes while her clients take centre stage, so we needed to coax her out of the shadows to let her personality shine on her new website. To pull back the curtain, we created a bespoke questionnaire that allowed us to pin-point exactly how she wants existing and prospective clients and colleagues to see her. Once we had an understanding of Lizzie's ambitions for The Causeway, we integrated her love of colour into a bold brand identity that harkens back to the place where her business name was first conceptualised. To create a cohesive look and feel throughout the site, we made eye-catching brand marks and patterns to guide visitors through the site. To further capture Lizzie's vibrant essence, we arranged a photoshoot in her office to ensure that all the imagery on the site is as authentic and fun as she is.


 Since launching her website in late 2017, The Causeway's business has continued to grow and is attracting more of Lizzie's dream clients. How dreamy is that? 




Clean, clear, precise. A logo and tagline with purpose

...and flexible alternatives

... and flexible alternatives


beautifully cohesive web design

brand photography that tells a story


keepin' that brand coming on strong, in real life as well as online