The Brief:

Tech Ahoy! aren't your average IT support company. They pride themselves on their personal service, their ability to talk to customers like actual humans using actual English, and their enjoyment of a nautical pun. They needed a brand that they could be proud of to use across their communications, customer support and - watch this space - new website.

What we did:

We dove deep into what makes the brains behind the Tech Ahoy! screens tick, and found that a playful, yet well-thought-out, set of branding materials would hoist their main sail and set us off on the right heading.

The Outcome:

Logo, bespoke icons, and a whole host of other elements, we've set the good brand Tech Ahoy! afloat with all they could possibly need to keep them on course through rough seas.

A bold beacon of a logo

a bright, shining beacon of a logo

a complimentary colour story


bespoke avatars

hand-made icons

Brandingbgsd studio