The Brief: 

The Lost Gardens of Sevenoaks have been rediscovered! Reuthe's Nursery was originally founded over a hundred years ago by a German plant-hunter (coolest job ever?) but after many years of notoriety, the nursery, along with its hundreds of rhododendron species, disappeared into the surrounding forest. One fateful day, another German transplant, Oliver Schneider, happened upon the site and decided to revitalise the land and bring back the nursery. Oliver hired us to bring the romance and mystery of The Lost Gardens of Sevenoaks to the screen and build a hard-working e-commerce site that will attract visitors and plant buyers from all around the world. 

What we're doing:

To make Reuthe's stand apart from other nurseries, we established a romantic and painterly aesthetic for the site to draw online visitors in and make them feel as if they were walking the grounds as they click around the site. We spent a beautiful spring day taking photos of the gardens and surrounding forest to capture this aesthetic before bringing it to life on the screen.

Whilst we're plugging away behind the scenes on their online shop, we've created a basic website to promote their line-up of events and provide basic information to visitors, whether they're plant hunters, keen walkers, or rhododendron lovers.

The outcome:

Stay tuned for more!