– I could not have asked for anything more from the ladies at bgsd. No niggly thing too small, no question too stupid, they listened and really understood my needs. –

The Brief: 

When Jennifer Gilbert decided that it was high time that she set up her own gallery to champion self-taught 'outsider' artists, she turned to bgsd to help her bring her vision for the gallery to life online.

What we did:

We worked closely with Jennie to find out exactly how we could present her artists' work and really make it shine, while giving her a website that gave her visitors a super-simple and intuitive user experience. What's more, Jennie is able to add new exhibitions and artworks to the site at the drop of a hat, giving her complete control over what she's sharing online.

The outcome:

Jennie's new website is clean and fresh, allowing the artists' work to steal the show. The site is integrated with her social and email marketing accounts to keep her processes streamlined and let her focus on what she does best: putting on exhibitions of fantastic, overlooked artwork. Go ahead and check it out at