The Brief:

Rebecca Hirst, founder of Glorious Wellness, is The Health Coach to High Flyers. She's a nutrition and wellness expert who  helps busy people feel gloriously well. As it turns out, she's actually pretty busy herself and found she was struggling with her social media output, staying on top of her monthly newsletter, and needed to make sure her brand and website reflected who she is and how she works. Luckily, we could help with all of it. 

What we did:

We took Rebecca through our bespoke bgsd brand strategy builder so we understood her values, her goals, and how she wanted to move forward. From there, we began planning. First of all was a brand refresh, we created a new logo and suite of complimentary elements for Rebecca to use on her printed materials and online. Talking of online, we gave her website a thorough refresh with custom graphics and copy editing, making sure that it's as glorious as she is! Armed with a bulletproof strategy, Rebecca has created an engaging social media output, and we're building a suite of eye-catching graphics to keep her feed looking tip-top. We've moved her monthly newsletter from the back-burner and have been growing her readership and building her tribe with each dispatch. 

The outcome:

Rebecca has a brand and website that she's proud to shout about and that works hard to present her exactly as she wants to be seen. Her social media following and newsletter list grows month-on-month, expanding her following and helping her to spread the word of all things glorious. Take a look at her website (and sign up for her newsletter while you're there!) over at


Smart, snappy logo and tagline

bgsd-branding-web-design-glorious-wellness-blog responsive website.png

responsive website


keeping it consistent with cohesive brand-marks


taking it out there with Instagram strategy and bespoke graphics