– bgsd have done a  fantastic job creating Climb & Yoga’s brand. They were very good at listening to exactly what I had to say and picking up on the company’s personality and what I wanted from the brand. The result is sleek and elegant. I love it! –


The Brief:

When we met Sandra Berlin, she told us that she wanted to combine her teaching practice in both climbing and yoga into one cohesive brand, so that her clients could get to grips with how both disciplines can benefit each other. She wanted her brand to communicate the values of her business; clean + clear, calm + strong, soft + hard.

What we did:

We developed a suite of logos and branding elements which play on the tension between the two symbiotic elements of Sandra's business. 

The Outcome:

Climb + Yoga is now a brand that Sandra feels proud to be shouting from the mountain tops about. Her clients can recognise her consistently branded imagery, and truly get a sense of what it is that makes her offering so special.



A strong, flexible logo


bespoke elements

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