The Brief: 

During our first meeting with Laura Olley, her passion for 100% wool yarn (death to acrylic!) and colourful knits came through loud and clear and her name, Yarns of Anarchy, was just as bold as the colours she loves. At the very start of building her yarn empire, she needed a hard-working e-commerce website and eye-catching branding to help her activate her base, attract an engaged community, and sell her beautiful yarns to other wool enthusiasts in Kent and the rest of the UK. 

What we did:

To get a handle on exactly what Laura envisioned for YOA, we walked her through our bespoke bgsd branding process. Once we had a clear understanding of her aesthetic and desired functionality, we created a branding package that would allow her to easily stitch design elements together to create marketing materials, packaging, and business cards all on her own.

The e-commerce website we made for YOA is as easy on the eyes as it is easy to use. As with any new business, updating products, events and blog posts was important to Laura, so we made the entire set-up as simple as possible so the Yarns of Anarchy website will grow with her business.  

The outcome:

Laura loves her new brand so much she even got a tattoo of the logo! If that doesn't signify a happy client, we don't know what does. Yarns of Anarchy has been making the rounds at local markets, is hosting regular Knit and Sip meet-ups, and has started teaching pop-up knitting and crochet classes so less experienced knitters (like us...) can learn the basics without having to watch 1,500 different YouTube videos.

Hop over to the Yarns of Anarchy website and start filling your basket with some of the most beautiful (100% wool!) yarn on the planet! 


YoA's main logo, with bespoke typography and attitude a-plenty


hand-made elements and a bold colourway


flexible brand mark

bgsd Portfolio Logo Design - YOA Stitch Counter Pattern.png

hand-crafted graphics


a website that meets all of Yarns of Anarchy's needs