bgsd is a creative studio run by
Hanna Sorrell + Kate Sims.

We help creatives, start-ups, artists, and badass small businesses share their stories and level-up their businesses online and in real life.  We love getting stuff done. 

Stuff we get done: 

Web Design · Branding · Content Strategy + Planning · Email Marketing  · Photography · Event Design · Brand Auditing · Creative Copy · Workshops


 more about Hanna + Kate


Hanna’s stuff

Ray-Bans: Because without them I'm like a mole flopping around blindly in the sunlight.
Corkscrew: Surely this speaks for yourself. And if you've ever sat on a train carriage floor trying to open a bottle of wine with a lipgloss (just me?), you'll understand the need to keep one handy.
Edmund de Waal ceramics: A favourite client from my solopreneuring days and an incredible artist.
Big Orange Mug: Fill it with coffee and what's not to love?
Mitsubishi Uniball pens: Everyone has a favourite pen, the ones that they quietly hide in their pockets when someone's asking for a spare. These are mine.
Squared paper notebook: For keeping my notes ridiculously neat.
We Should all be Feminists: We should. (Side note: Kate and I did not plan to both use this book in our photos, we just both love it.)
Rococo Violet: Anything combining floral flavours and chocolate is win-win for me. I'll even eat that Turkish Delight in the selection box that no one else wants.
Domino: Hand-sketched by bluesman Pat Thomas at the Highway 61 Blues Museum in Leland, Missisippi, which is way more batshit crazy than it sounds.
Lipstick: If all else fails, put some lippy on and you'll at least look like you've got your shit together. Also useful for opening wine bottles in a pinch.
Unpolished quartz earrings: Sometimes things are more beautiful without being refined. This applies to brands too.
Miller Harris perfume: Smells like your nan's house but in the best way.
Petrified coral: So many questions: how, why, what? Geology rocks.
Knitting needles: I like to pretend that I have hobbies that aren't drinking wine and, if taking 18 months to knit a jumper counts, I do!

Kate’s stuff

My mom's pottery: Each piece is so unique. She took up her pottery practice a few years ago and her pieces are always a great reminder that you're never too old to start something new.
A lemon: It always adds value.
Trusty notebook: My overflowing brain is lost without it.
Nineteen Seventy Three Stationery: I love just about everything Nineteen Seventy Three makes and this card in particular reminds me of all the amazing communities I've digitally been able to help build over the years, both for myself and my clients– especially my Wells Angels girl gang!
A mighty fine black pen: The thinner, the better.
Coffeeeeeee: I'm kinda a coffee snob. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
Watercolour Pens: Perfect for on-the-fly illustrations and a touch of colour.
A good knife: Because you never know when you're gonna want a snack. (JK I always want a snack.)
A corkscrew: My other love is wine.
Headphones: Put them on and you're in your own little world. Considering how many politics podcasts I listen to, that little world can feel mighty frightening!
Massage ball: Buy. This. Immediately. (Thank me later.)
Neal's Yard Melissa Hand Cream (& everything): I'm a NYR addict. But they have a punch card so it makes spending all my money there totally worth it... RIGHT HANNA?!
Everlane Cashmere: If I'm not wearing an Everlane cashmere sweater when you see me, chances are something is terribly wrong. Or it's that one day of the year when it's actually summer in England.
Feminism, books, & Chimamanda: Out of the 19 boxes my husband and I brought with us from America to the UK, at least seven were packed with books. I love books! I also love Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi. And I especially love feminism.


other stuff about us:

Our mantra: Bitches get stuff done. (But we're nice bitches. Promise!) 
The question we always ask: "How can we elevate this?" Because it’s not just about getting the work done, it’s about getting the best work done. 
Where we work: We're based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent but work in London and the south east as well as further afield. 
Who we work with: We work with small business owners, creatives, start-ups, entrepreneurs, restaurants, and a little bit of everything in-between.
What we do when we're not getting stuff done: Cooking, drinking wine, yoga-ing, looking at art, travelling, binge watching something on Netflix, or getting to know other rad creatives. 

If you’d like to work with bgsd or just want to say hey, you can hit us up at 



our work is the bomb.